We Announces Low Price and Ultra High Precision Penta Prism

Ultiquest Technology Ltd., a leading manufacturer of optical components, recently announced its ultra low price and high precision penta prism.

The Penta Prism deviates an input beam or image through 90 degree. The chief attribute of the penta prism is that it does not invert or reverse the image. The design of this prism is a 90 degree beam deviation will result without precise alignment of the prism with respect to the incoming beam or image. It is widely used in measurement device in construction industry.

Ultiquest Technology ' penta prism features a high angle deviation which can reach 5 seconds for general, even less than 3 seconds angle deviation for specified product. With our advantage and extensive experience in manufacture and quality control,Ultiquest Technology warrants an excellent performance, consistency for our penta prism. And the price is also significantly low in the market.



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