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Metallic High Reflective Coatings(Part No: DHR) Download PDF document

Metal coatings are often used in systems where a very broadband reflector/mirror or beamsplitter is needed.Examples of common metal coating applications also includes telescope mirrors, neutral density filters,and general purpose laboratory mirrors.

Metal coatings can be an excellant choice when an economical coating is especially important. Metals commonly deposited at ultiQuest Technology include aluminum, chromium, silver, and gold.

Reflectance Simulation of Metallic High Reflective Coatings
633nm Direlectric High Reflective Coatings
1064nm Direlectric High Reflective Coatings

Designed condition: 1) Substrate: BK7 Glass Mirror
2) Center wavelength: 400-1200nm
_________________ 3) Illuminant: White

Designed condition: 1) Substrate: BK7 Glass Mirrors
2) Center wavelength: 400-1200nm
_________________ 3) Illuminant: White
Metallic High Reflective Coatings on Mirror.
Wavelength Range (nm)
Reflectivity (%)
Coating Index
Protected Aluminum
Protected Silver
Please Contact ultiQuest for more information and technical supports.
The reflectance is based on actual measurement and may be different with production lots. Values are not guaranteed specification.
The metal coatings given as examples in this group are meant to give some ideas on what is possible with metal coatings. If your system requires a custom or modified metal coating, we would be happy to be of service.

The values of laser damage threshold are based on actual measurement and not a guaranteed specification.

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